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What is a sound bath?

The use of sound to aid in well-being has been practiced for thousands of years. It is not news that music, and other pleasant sounds, such as birdsong, can bring about enhanced feelings of well-being. Imagine the relief of stepping off of a busy street into a quiet garden, hidden behind walls that shut out the noise of traffic. Within these walls, it is quiet enough to hear the droning of bees, and contented conversations of many birds. A fountain fills your ears with soothing sounds of running water. Crickets, cicadas and frogs throb pleasantly, at the edges of your awareness. You sigh involuntarily, as relief washes over you, filling your being with a sudden, unaccustomed, peace. Your mind begins to slow, and you cease to think. Instead, the living soundscape of the garden invites you to close your eyes and give yourself over to the present moment.

This is a sound bath. Perhaps the original sound bath.

There is an element of sanctuary to a sound bath. A quiet space is created. The sound is contained within. The world recedes, and we find ourselves again relaxing in the garden. The relaxation is involuntary. It begins autonomically, and quickly spreads to the level of thought and sentiment. We are effortlessly changed by our time in the garden, and when we leave, we carry the peaceful memory deep within our cells.

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